Here you can find our tips to learn more about the ecological problems we are facing! We want to provide you with a broad variety of sources, from documentaries to scientific articles, so that everyone can learn in their own way. Keep in mind that not the maker of a documentary or writer of a book wants to tell you a story. It is always good to think about whether this is objective and form your own opinion. Scientific articles should be peer-reviewed. This means that other scientists will look at the results and verify these with their own findings. Therefore, these articles are very reliable, but also complex and hard to understand. So, get informed, but always be critical!


By the way, this list is not complete yet. If you have any tips, please send us a message in the contact page.



Chasing Coral

This is the documentary where our project started with. And before we watched it together it already was a major source of Michelle to study Marine Ecology. In this documentary, a group of enthusiastic coral lovers creates time-lapses of coral reefs to see how bleaching can wipe out these beautiful systems in a matter of weeks. A heartbreaking documentary, but with a dose of motivation to make a change!

Chasing Ice

This documentary, with the same concept of Chasing Coral, was actually produced a few years earlier. The creators shot some incredible time-lapses of glacier retreat, under very harsh and cold conditions. After this documentary, you will understand that global warming is truly happening. You can find this docu on Netflix, here is the link to the website.


This award-winning documentary is a great introduction to some major problems that are pushing climate change to a next level. Did you know how big the effect of your diet is on our planet. Find out more about it! This is a Netflix documentary, but comes with a website.

What the health

In the follow-up of Cowspiracy, Kip brings us on a journey to find out more about the businesses that keep us sick but proclaim they are benefiting our health. It leads to some absurd situations that leave you in complete confusion. Watch it on Netflix or check out their website to find a Vimeo link.