Ecological footprint calculator
The Global Footprint Network, founded in 2013, strives to end ecological overshoot. To give more insight in the problems, they developed a test that everyone can take to find out how much pressure they put on the planet.

Earth Overshoot Day
Working in close relation with the Global Footprint Network, the concept Earth Overshoot Day looks at the amount of available ecological resources and the amounts we are using. On their website you can read more about the concept and historic dates.

Scientific articles/websites

Planetary Boundaries

The concept of Planetary Boundaries was developed in 2009 and talks about 9 ways in which we can overshoot the ecological boundaries of our planet. Their research was published in Nature and has developed ever since. It is a very interesting and broad concept that grasps the biggest stressors of the ecological crisis and therefore provides a solid base for further discussion.

Paris Agreement



Greta Thunberg

The Guardian


Science History Institute


The Ocean Cleanup

Fossil fuels

Our world in data

IPCC Stationary combustion


Natural gas


Electricity used by America’s houses